Aug 29 2013

Gun 23: Progress 8/29/13

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Back on the Gun 23 project and re-working the background. The distant mountains were moving in the right direction but needed less contrast in order to have a feeling of distance and depth. The small shrubs and brush will be added back in after the land mass dries.



One reason for using long handled brushes is to allow you to some distance from the picture. Standing close to a painting prevents you from seeing the whole picture and how it is relating to the overall impression. Areas may look great up close but far away they may not, standing back helps mitigate that. It is important to step way, way back at times to view the progress and decide where to go next.



Some of the large piles of paint and brushes needed to do the picture. I use a glass pallet with a grey background when mixing colors. In the past I used white pallets but found that the colors looked one way on that and entirely different on the canvas next to other colors. With  grey as the background it has a neutral value to mix off of. The phone book is for cleaning the pallet knife instead of a rag or paper towel and also used for removing too much of the oil the manufactures now add as filler to the product.


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